Your Firm Can Go Lightspeed With Mobile App Technology

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Those were the famous words uttered by astronaut Neil Armstrong when he descended the lunar module ladder and became the first man to step foot on the moon. It was a historic day that tested our grit and determination to accomplish greatness and set our sight on what else we could achieve if we put our collective mind to the task.

What’s really incredible about the moon landing is that it was executed by computers that were 32,000 times LESS powerful than an older iPhone 6. (ZMEScience, 2017) Did you catch that? Your smart phone could literally handle all of the functions required during the Apollo missions, from take off to re-entery, and you would still be able to play Candy Crush with plenty memory to spare. So the question becomes, how to make this massive computing power of the in hands of nearly every potential client work for your law firm?

The answer can be found in utilizing mobile app technology. Specifically, CrashApp™, which is custom designed for personal injury law firms to attract new auto accident referrals, has harnessed the computing power of the smart phone. Here is just a sample of the functions a CrashApp™ designed for your firm can perform for your perspective or existing clients when they are at the scene of an accident:

• Immediately notifies the attorney about an accident from the scene
• Transmits the location of where the accident occurred with links to Google Maps
• Captured photos are shared with the attorney in real time as they are taken
• Gather witness information and insurance details within seconds
• Clients can emergency contacts
• Access to local emergency services, including hospitals, police, tow trucks or auto repair
• A robust messaging center to communicate with one or more clients directly
• Integrated with your Facebook page
• Clients can share your app with the click of a button with friends and family

And why do we need to take advantage of this super powered technology? Because customers/clients crave innovation, and they love mobile apps. Mobile app downloads were up 15% from the previous year in 2016, totaling more than 90 billion downloads (Techcrunch 2017), In that same year, mobile apps generated $88.3 billion in total revenue. Think that’s impressive? Well, consumers love mobile apps so much, that the expected revenue for mobile apps in 2020 is expected to be $189 billion. These numbers speak to a growing interest and market reliance of mobile app technology.

In 1969, NASA used technology to take man to the frontiers of space. Nearly 50 years later, your law firm can use technology to take your practice to higher intake levels and total revenue. CrashApp™ exists to streamline the accident reporting process, bridge the gap between firm and client, increase referrals, foster retention, and engage clients. If continued growth is a priority for your firm, please request a consult to discuss how CrashApp™ can help your firm really take off!

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