Taking Important Accident Photos Just Got Easier with CrashApp

It happened so fast. That car came out of nowhere and caused your client’s accident. In the moments afterword your client is feelings are both frightened and confused. It’s during this bewildered state that client’s need assistance and direction on how to proceed to collect information from the scene of an accident. Fortunately, CrashApp™ can play a critical role in at least one major area – collecting accident pictures.

The Importance of Car Accident Photos

The value of accident photographs cannot be understated. But let’s face it. The majority of the time law firms receive pictures of the vehicle or injuries, they are outside the proper context. Meaning, the photos were usually taken at the client’s home, or in the parking lot of the repair shop. The something is better than nothing, the opportunity to demonstrate a true representation of the accident has been lost.

Taking pictures at the scene of an accident, however, not only fills in those blanks, but creates a narrative of liability, conditions, damages, locations and injuries. If a picture says a thousand words, pictures at the scene of an accident says thousands of dollars.

How Can an App Made a Difference

Let’s face it. Nearly every person you have or could represent has a cellphone. 77% of people have smartphones (Pew Research, June 2017), and a good portion are addicted to every rounded corner of their handheld device. This, or course, includes the camera. So the issue is not that people lack the resource to take pictures, it’s they don’t know what kind of pictured to take while at the scene. Enter CrashApp™

CrashApp™ is the most comprehensive data accident collection mobile application on the market for personal injury attorneys. CrashApp™ is custom made for your firm, including your logo, color scheme, firm information, contact information, website and social media links, and it is published for both iPhone and Android phones.

When a client uses your CrashApp™ to report an accident, your office receives an immediate notification via email that an accident has occurred. The emails includes their contact information and access to their location, accurate within 3ft. Because the person has download and reported the accident through your firm’s CrashApp™, you may now contact them at the scene.

The first step CrashApp™ gives the client is to take pictures, and CrashApp™ offers the suggestions and safety tips document the evidence from the scene. Pictures can either be new or existing pictures that can be uploaded from the camera roll. Clients are recommended to take pictures of the following:
• Vehicle Damage
• Environmental Factors
• Non-Vehicle Property Damage
• Your Injuries
• Documentation

As CrashApp™ is used, each picture taken is delivered to you in real time via a private cloud server established for your firm. You can literally sit at your desk and watch the pictures come in. You can even call the client at the scene and direct them to take additional pictures you may find beneficial, “Hey Mrs. Smith, thanks for getting those pictures of your car, but can you take some pictures of the truck that hit your so I can see the full extent of the property damage?” Boom. When has your firm ever had that kind of access before?

Your CrashApp™ will go on to instruct your new client to collect driver, passenger and witness details, as well as the accompanying insurance information. The entire process is easy and intuitive, but more importantly, it puts your firm in the immediate position to attend to your client’s needs.

Ready to get a custom CrashApp™ for your firm? Get in touch with us or call the offices of Strategic App Solutions, Inc. at (727) 393-8351. You may also send any requests or questions to info@wearesas.com.

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