Struggling to engage New Clients? Maybe it’s because websites just aren’t enough anymore.

As I sit typing this article, I look across my office to a shelf, that for some reason still has a phone book on it from 2013. A phone book! Remember those? Along the spine of this ancient tome is an advertisement for a personal injury law firm whom I’m sure paid tens of thousands of dollars for that coveted spot. Money not well spent, even in 2013.

The introduction of the smart phone killed the yellow pages. Advertisement revenues for the yellow pages in the 8 year period between 2002 and 2010 saw a decline of $5 billion dollars nationally. Yes, that was a B. And as the phone book still lays bleeding out on the battle field, the relentless smartphone has moved on to its next target (Da Da Dummmm) Your Website.

You see, the smartphone is, well, smart. It has delivered to its users all of their creature comforts of talking, texting and browsing, but it has also given them access to its greatest weapon; the .44 magnum of customer engagement, the samurai sword convenience, the freakin’ rocket launcher of client retention. It has given its users the atomic app! And it is the app that is wreaking havoc on traditional marketing strategies. Does this mean you should abandon your website? Absolutely not! However, check out the latest intel report from the battlefield:

• 95% of Americans now own a cell phone, 77% of which are smartphones. Only 51% of Americans own a computer, which is a decline of over 100 million units in the last 5 years
• The average person looks at their phone 76 times a day
• 81% of consumers prefer app engagements than that of a mobile website
• Placement outside of the Top 3 on a search engine result in only an 8.4% chance of someone clicking to your website. The stat drops to 2.6% if not in the Top 10
• And here is a startling statistic, 90% of the non-talk time people spend on their phone is on mobile apps compared to just 10% on browsing the internet.

What this last statistic tells us is that mobile app are not a trend. They are $46 billion dollar industry, and businesses that embrace the opportunity to reach clients and customers on a daily bases are reaping the benefits. It tells us that if your firm has an app, you are immediately included into an elite category of businesses. It tells us that by utilizing engagement opportunities to market directly to people, on the phone with branded push notifications, you can increase your referrals, retention rates, and overall profits. It tells us that if you haven’t already contacted the team over at Strategic App Solutions Inc. to create your firm’s mobile app, you need to do so immediately.

Strategic App Solutions Inc. can create for your firm a mobile app that gives you immediate notification when your clients have been in an accident. It provides your clients with all the resources and instructions they need to collect data from the scene. Best of all, this information is shared with your firm in real-time. This includes photos, location, witness information, insurance details, police reports and much more. Your app will provide your client’s peace-of-mind with access to local emergency services, like the location to the nearest hospital, police station, or a tow truck company. They can also call 911 at any time.

Your new app is available for iPhone and Android, and can be ready for download in as little as 30 days. To learn more about these features, and additional marketing opportunities your very own app can provide, visit our products page, or call Strategic App Solutions Inc. at (727) 393-8351.

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