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Tee up your golf course FOR SUCCESS! Drive engagement amongst your club members and increase footfall with your personalized GolfApp™ for your golf course. Imagine a single product that can:

  • Engage with your loyal club members
  • Leverage online/offline marketing campaigns of your club
  • Promote the latest deals
  • offers
  • tournaments and benefits
  • Fully integrate with your third-party tee sheet management software
  • Target specific members or segments with relevant messaging
  • Boost your revenue with our efficient event reservation system
  • Deliver most current events and news right at your members’ fingertips
  • Streamline food-and-beverage section to easily take orders on the course
  • Mirror members only access pages to what you offer on your website
  • Provide you with the ability to stay connected to each club members
  • 100% customizable to your club

Engage the Players with our state of art GolfApp™

With an app tailored to your golf club, you give your club members and guests a better, more interactive, experience of your golf course and facilities. Your golf players will have an advantage with your customized GolfApp™, always knowing where and how to stay updated with club friends and family!


Provide your app users with details about the latest club news, event updates, exclusive offers, and course conditions. All in one easy to access location with exciting and useful features.


Simple, personal, real-time messaging so your app users can easily stay in touch with their club friends and family. They can send photos, share location and even enjoy group chats with their contacts.


When your golfers download your new app, they are never more than a few taps away from booking their next round at your course. Booking a tee time is as easy as 3-taps with our seamless integration with your Tee-Times provider.


Boost your revenue and customer satisfaction with our efficient event reservation system, enabling hassle-free booking from your app and seamless management.


Alert app users to club events, promotions, course conditions, and news instantly. Segment your messages to target specific customer types or interests. Create interactive messages with scheduling capability.


Display contactless menus and take orders directly from your mobile app with our all-in-1 restaurant POS. Satisfy member experience with real-time order notifications and transactional emails.


Provide your member with their own personalized app account associated with their club membership. This gives you an ability to send personalized message or push notification to a specific member.


Quick access to useful information like Course Tours and Club Directions for your guests and members, with instant updates. Provide images, text and videos to explain your course step-by-step, hole-by-hole to new and returning members.


Promote the latest events, offers, tournaments, or membership benefits to your golfers during their round. Drive f&b revenue at the turn, repeat play at end of round, and even use to drive additional revenue through hole sponsorships.


Educate your app users about your golf club, their offerings, facilities, contact details and divert them to your website and social media.


Curate and provide your top golfing tips and advice for members with any combination of audio/visual graphics and text.


Web Portal for Member Management

Access app users data right in your browser. Our GolfApp™ web portal connects your customized app to the portal interface, so the information about club members, registered users, announcements and restaurant menus are just a click away.

Club Members display list of members who have registered with your Club and have a valid Member ID or Golf ID. In order for a user to register their profile inside your GolfApp™, they are required to be a member of your Club and they need to have a valid Member ID or Golf ID. Our GolfApp™ authenticates user registration though the Member ID present inside the Club Members list. This adds an extra layer of security for your app and limits your app access to only club members.

Registered App Users displays a list of users who have actively registered on your GolfApp™ and are using the app. We have also provided a search functionality where you can search with Member ID, Full Name, Email, Membership Type or Push Notices. You can also view or export the total amount of users registered on your app.

This section provides the admin with a powerful marketing and communication tool that drives revenue. Here you can effectively promote your club events, news, promotional offers, food and beverages, merchandise, weather update and more that will be shown in realtime on your GolfApp™ home page and Announcements section.

This section simplifies the process of managing calendars and event reservations. It offers an intuitive interface for scheduling, tracking, and coordinating events seamlessly. With features like real-time availability, automated reminders, and customizable event details, it ensures efficient event planning and enhances customer satisfaction.

This section provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your food ordering operations. It enables efficient order tracking, customer relationship management, and data analytics to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction. With integrated communication, menu management, and marketing capabilities, it revolutionizes the food ordering process, leading to improved efficiency, increased sales, and a delightful customer experience.

Target specific members or segments with notifications that’s relevant to them. Push Notifications are delivered right on the phone’s lock screen that get your app users to regularly engage with your club even if they’re not aware of it. Your members and guest will always be updated with the latest events of your golf course and facilities.

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